How to: Prepare Surf Clams

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WARNING! There is a gory ick-factor in this video. If the processing of live animals for food bothers you...simply, DO NOT WATCH!

Japanese cuisine is full of day-to-day foodstuffs and fascinating delicacies wild-harvested or wild-caught from the land and sea. Here, along with The Kitchin-Witchin Kiko-chan, we process a fresh - meaning, a still quite alive surf clam for *sashimi (raw consumption).

This common species occurs off the east coast of North America from Nova Scotia to South Carolina.It has also been introduced and farmed in Hokkaido, northern Japan.

I wanted to make a video on this in English as that I did not find many resources that were not in entirely in Japanese. I hope this helps those who have access to this very tasty, and exquisite delicacy. Atlantic surf clams lived buried in coarse or fine sand. They live offshore as well as in the low inter-tidal and surf zones.

Info on Surf Clams:

*Note: Sushi refers to the vinegar-ed rice that various foodstuffs can be accompanied with, that includes raw seafood.

Sashimi is raw seafood such as, squid, clams, red snapper, amber jack fish, tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc...

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