How to: Make Homemade Cornmeal

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Posted: 2020-08-23 00:00:00
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In this video I will show my quick-n-dirty method of making cornmeal from raw ears of corn.

Corn is among one of the world's most used and useful staples. Having evolved over hundreds of years. Drying and grinding corn into meal helps preserve the food - making it last longer and allows for diversity in the ways that corn or maize is used and consumed.

In this method I am using both raw and cooked kernels. Below is a breakdown of the perceived differences I have observed.

Cooked Kernels Uncooked Kernels
Color Bright Dull
Texture Coarse Fine
Flavor Mildly Sweet Very Sweet

This is a roughly estimated ratio of approximately 6 8" long ears of corn: 6 ears of corn = 3 cups of dried kernels = 1.5 cups of meal (approx.)

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