How to: Make a Bundle-Bow

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Posted: 2021-05-22 00:00:00
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In this video I demonstrate how to make a very primitive type of bow for a quick and dirty survival tool from a group of woods. In this case I am using willow (Salix alba). This type of bow is good using green wood and "quickie" arrows for taking small game or birds. This is a newer made version and comes out at about 35-40# at my draw length.

    Bundle-Bow Dimensions:
    4 staves
  • 2 @ 60" (152.4cm)
  • 2 @ 45" (114.3cm) (set approx. 8" [20.32cm] down from top of longer staves)

Bowstring length: Approx. 57" (144.78cm)

Bow poundage avg: Approx. 35# @ 32" (81.28cm) draw

*Inspired by the bow used on the original 1987 sci-fi movie "Predator" @ starting approx. 1:23:15 in the movie

In this version on YouTube starting @ approx. 1:00:45 -

CAUTION: If you choose to make and use this weapon, be sure that you are following safety precautions like protective eyewear, and awareness of there your projectiles are going - being sure you are not aiming at anything or anyone you are not trying to hurt, kill, or destroy!

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