How to: Do Primitive Pit Cooking

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Posted: 2017-02-16 12:35:32
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Or what I like to call "Ground" Beef or Pork or Chicken or Fish or...

This is the perfect type of cooking for larger cuts of meat or when you may not have time to sit and prepare a meal. You can prepare and put your food in the ground to cook up to a day in advance (for a Hawaiian-style whole hog roast), but usually 3-8 hours in advance depending upon the size of the cut or type of meat. Some meat, like pork you want to be sure it is throughly cooked. Conversely, meat like fish may not take long at all. However 6-8 hours is the usual time for about 3lbs of red meat.

I do not want to leave out you vegans and vegetarians. Edible tubers are like cattail, yams, and potatoes can be cooked in the same manner. Simply substitute meat with your vegetable of choice in this tutorial.

The wonderful advantage to preparing food in this manner is while your food is in the ground cooking you can go and do other important task like maintaining a shelter, additional hunting or fishing, or tend other crafts, skills, or chores to maintain your camp. If used correctly this method can be an energy and time saver.

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