How to: The Five C's of Survival - #3: Carry

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Posted: 2018-11-22 12:43:04
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Being able to efficiently carry items can be a great energy and time saver. Having something to be able to carry needed items, such as water is very important in survival-situation, let alone everyday life - which is often taken for granted. Here I am highlighting some items both modern and primitive that one may want to include in their kit.

I also cover briefly very versatile, effective, and efficient everyday items such as the surong, a large handkerchief (furoshiki), or a long piece of fabric as make-sift carry tools.

Made famous by Dave Canterbury of Dual Survival TV show fame, the basic Five C's of Survival are:
1). Cover (shelter)
2). Combustion (fire)
3). Carry (water - ability to hold/transport)
4). Cutting
5). Cordage
...and additionally...
6). Calories (food)
7). Cure (first-aid/medications)

The Prepared Mind:


Maya-Wrap (Slink) Baby Carry Systems:

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