How to: Make a Bow Stringer

Category: Fire / Difficulty Level: 2
Posted: 2017-09-03 11:27:52
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In this tutorial we will make a bow-stringer out of buckskin and stinging nettle cordage. There are a few styles of bow-stringers, this style should work well with flat-bows.

To string a bow with this style of the cup on the lower limb, then set the saddle over the upper limb just below the nocks in the limb. Then step on the bow-stringer string and gently pull the bow upward towards you. take the bow-string and thread it between the saddle cordage and attach the bow-string to the upper nock, then carefully release the pull and tension on the bow and remove the bowstring.

CAUTION: Be sure to keep your face and eyes away from the limbs as a safety precaution should the stringer fail during the stringing process.

To download the free pattern click the image below>>

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