How to: Resilient Living: Emergency Medicine - Suture Practice w/ The Urban-Aboriginal

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Posted: 2021-01-01 00:00:00
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In this video I briefly demo how to suture (stitch) a wound using a pig's foot. Pig skin is the closest type of dermis to human skin, it is a little tougher, is a very good substitute to practice some medical skills on.

Emergency suturing should only be attempted after adequate practice "dirt-time" has been reached, and there is no other emergency medical help or facilities nearby or for sometime. There are suture kits available to purchase to practice giving stitches available on Amazon and other medical supply sites. Please see my previous video on suture kits here: Resilient Living: Suture Kits & Emergency Medicine w/ The Urban-Aboriginal

There are two types of sutures Absorbable and Non-Absorbable...

    Dissolvable/absorbable sutures
  • catgut
  • polyglycolic acid
  • polylactic acid
  • polydioxanone
  • caprolactone
    Non-absorbable sutures:
  • silk
  • polypropylene
  • polyester
  • nylon
  • monofilament, and
  • Stainless steel wires (used in orthopedic surgery)

Be sure at least one other person in your family/group is trained in giving basic suture techniques...that way there will be another person who can administer this kind of aid on those hard-to-reach areas.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a healthcare professional, so it is VERY important that you seek out the instruction and aid of a licensed medical professional...DO NOT attempt this when you have safe professional alternatives available to you.

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