How to: The Five C's of Survival - #5: Cordage

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Posted: 2018-11-20 14:29:04
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Having and being able to use cordage, AKA fibers, string, twine, or rope, comes in as #5 in the Five C's of Survival. Here, I am showing natural fibers and I show JUST a few examples on how to render and utilize the fibers into servicable twine or rope.

And then I am showing manufactured fibers/rope and I show how versitle and vast the uses that can be created with the knowledge of how to manipulate cordage.

Made famous by Dave Canterbury of Dual Survival TV show fame, the basic Five C's of Survival are:
1). Cover (shelter)
2). Combustion (fire)
3). Carry (water - ability to hold/transport)
4). Cutting
5). Cordage
...and additionally...
6). Calories (food)
7). Cure (first-aid/medications)

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