How to: Make a Mullien Torch

Category: Fire / Difficulty Level: 2
Posted: 2017-02-16 12:35:32
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Using tallow (rendered fat) this is a very effective and long-lasting primitve torch.

Just melt down some tallow. Enough to dip your mullien stalk flower head into. Then allow to dry. The tallow will solidify and also soak into the dense flower head. Once lit it creates a nice bright white flame.



1). Set your tallow-saturated stalk up in a safe place, and light the tip to enjoy.

Be careful where you set your torch so you do not set your environment on fire or get melted tallow everywhere. As the flame burns down the stalk the tallow melts downward in a candle-like fashion.

This 10" flower head yielded approximately 1 hours worth of usable light.


2). Allow the tallow to soak, cool, and solidify onto the flower head, anywhere from 10-30mins.


3). Take some warm, melted tallow and saturate the mullien's flower head with it.

Here, I am pouring the tallow over the stalks with a baking pan underneath to catch the excess drippings.


4). Harvest a mullien stalk. This one was taken in winter so it is already dead and really dry.

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