How to: Make a Wing Bone Turkey Call

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Posted: 2018-11-22 12:43:04
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In this video I attempt to make a wing bone turkey call. This is an ancient Native American hunting call that was ingeniously devised from parts of the same animal that was hunted.

"...Historians and archaeologists say that wing bone turkey calls date back perhaps 6500 years. Native American peoples made yelper calls from the three main bones in a turkey's wing..."[1]
1). Thick part - humerus
2). Second thickest part - ulna
3). Thin part - radius

These are cut down and interested into one another and then made air-tight with a gluing agent such as pine-pitch, epoxy, or super-glue and Elmer's glue mixed together.

The call is made by putting the call just to the surface of your lips and making a kissing sound. to mimic the clucks and the warbling of a turkey that if done correctly can sound quite convincing.

I am not a turkey hunter so I am making this for fun and as a study. Below I am listing references used for this video be sure to check them out:
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