How to: Clean Fish: Filleting Large-Mouth Bass

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WARNING: Fish gore...It is okay NOT to watch this video if the depiction of animal processing for consumption bothers you.

Here is a quick tutorial on showing how to fillet-out a larger fish. Unfortunately, I failed to sharpen my fillet-knife so this will be a bit of a hack - but I am hoping you get the just of it.

I personally do not like filleting out wild-caught fish, because I am a strong advocate of using the whole animal that has been harvested. Filleting, even with a razor-sharp blade tends to leave still enough meat on the bones for soup base and stocks, or to quarter the carcass and deep or pan-fry it hard to simply discard.

Also, on larger fish, there is a medallion of succulent meat located just below and slightly back from the eye (the cheek) that is a delicacy; the head can also be used for fish-head stew or to throw into a pot to make a soup base.

Once finished cleaning fish I have learned that lemon or lime juice works to get rid of any fishy after-aroma by rubbing every surface that touched fish down with it.

Here, I also use a home-made surface cleanser from:
Borax (20 Mule-Team Brand)
Baking soda
Essential oil (juniper)

It also helps to discard fish parts, scales, and innards wrapped in news paper and thrown in the trash outside immediately after finishing your fish processing. It doesn't take long for fish guts go putrid especially if left in the kitchen garbage container.

I choose to honor the animal by using as much of its essence as possible as thanks for it giving up its life for me to sustain mine - and make educational videos in the process.

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