How to: Make Candied Violet Flowers

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Violets (Violoa odorata) are common ground cover with green broad leaves, purple/blue violet flowers. The leaves and flowers are edible. Great in salads, and the flowers being used as a decorative garnish. They can be candied, or coated with sugar and make a delightful early-spring treat. Be sure you know what you are doing before you harvest and eat any wild plants or fungi.


Common Violet Flowers (Violoa odorata)
1 Egg white
1C Sugar finely ground

1). Thoroghly wash flowers, leaving a little of the green stem attached to the flower.
2). Pat dry, dip flower head into egg white
3). Then dip into finely ground sugar
4). Set aside on waxed paper or cookie sheet and let air-dry....great for garnish for ice-cream, custards, cakes, or as a stand-alone confection.


Only harvest plants that you have 110% positively identified - especially mushrooms and fungi
Only harvest from areas where you have permission and are not contaminated or polluted
Only ingest small amounts at first; if you choose to do so it is at your own risk
The Urban-Aboriginal, Studio-Ryu, LLC, this channel and its associates assume no liability for your failure to practice safe "re-wilding" and/or foraging techniques.

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