How to: Make a Tinder Bundle

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Posted: 2017-02-20 00:22:07
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The key to getting any fire started in the field is a good tinder-bundle. A tinder-bundle consists of an accelerantmaterial that is light and fluffy like cattail fluff, dandelion fluff, goats-beard fluff, thistle fluff, powdered leaves/bark, pocket or dryer lint, etc...that is wrapped around bone-dry leaves, bark (such as cedar), and grasses.

Ultimately you are  making a bird's nest with your fine cottony material in the center and wrap the longer material around it. You can almost not have enough cottony accelerant.

Note: I am not using the leaves from the ground in the background because the area is very moist and most of the leaves are somewhat wet, and would not work for a tinder-bundle very well. If I had not other options than the leaves shown here I would have to take my time and pick through the ground-litter, selecting only the driest leaves to create the bundle.

WARNING: When pulling grasses be sure to protect your eyes from leaves and stems that may protrude upwards and stick you in the face and eyes. Also some grasses can create "paper-cuts", it is best to wear gloves. Also, Fire is a warm friend and a fiery foe. The natural environment and fire is to be treated with great respect. This video is for informational purposes only. It is not recommended that you try this at home as major property damage and severe injury including death may result. I am not liable for any injury or damage you may cause should you choose to try any of the techniques or demonstrations in my videos. Please use prudence and common sense.

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