How to: Make a Stone Tool: Knapping a Preform Bi-Face

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Posted: 2018-08-12 10:28:25
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Walking through making a bi-face from a spall of obsidian. A bi-face is a pre-form to making specific stone tools such as spear tips, hand axes, and arrow heads.

[ARTICLE] Stone Tool Basics:

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Hertzien cone - the force from a strike that moves out from the point of impact in a cone hsape that is roughly 100 degrees wide

Blade-Core - parent material that is used to create flake blades

Cobble - parent material or a lump of stone

Flint Knapping - working stone to a desired shape through percussion or pressure flaking

Platform - edges or a surface that is less than 90=degrees used to break of flakes from a core

Spall - a flake from parent material, core, or cobble

Percussion flaking - using a hard object to strike softer material to create flakes or shape a spall

Hammerstone - dense rock or stone used to strike softer material to create flakes or shape a spall

Billet - a hammer or mallet shaped tool used to strike softer stone material to create flakes or shape a spall

Haft - to tie or fit onto a handle usually made of wood

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