How to: Make Fire-Lays: The Pyramid

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Posted: 2017-02-20 00:33:54
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The Pyramid, Tipi, or Triangle Fire Structure is one of the first basic fire-lays one should learn. You build from fine to larger, from the center out. Starting with bone-dry tinder, pencil-sized kindling, little-finger sized kindling, thumb-sized kindling, up to wrist-sized kindling. Leave one side open as a place to ignite the structure.

The proper and safe way to build this type of fire is to choose an area free of over hanging branches, especially those of coniferous trees, avoid ground that has tree roots close to the surface of the ground and clear of debris. It is best to dig a slight depression, and line with stones and fist-sized rocks. It is best to use rocks that have been well away from bodies of water, because there may be water embedded in rock crevices that may would heat up and may cause the rock to explode...creating very dangerous shrapnel.

WARNING: Fire is a warm friend and a fiery foe. The natural environment and fire is to be treated with great respect. This video is for informational purposes only. It is not recommended that you try this at home as major property damage and severe injury including death may result. I am not liable for any injury or damage you may cause should you choose to try any of the techniques or demonstrations in my videos. Please use prudence and common sense.

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